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Principal Uhrig
From the Principals Desk - Drop-off and Pick-up
Posted on 08/26/2015
Thank-you for a wonderful start to the year! We ask that as you drop your children off, please continue to keep Good-Byes short and sweet as it helps alleviate stress on the children and prevents the congestion and reduces the number of adults in our small entry way which helps with safety. As you drop-off in the driveway, please do not leave your vehicle as cars behind you need to be able to pull ahead for the traffic to flow.  READ MORE...
Principal Uhrig
From the Principals Desk - Open House, Testing, Pickup...Here We Go!!
Posted on 08/18/2015
The annual TPS Open House is scheduled for tonight, the 18th. The doors will open at 5:30 and you will be able to enter the building and explore where your child will spend an exciting year at Thomson.  READ MORE...
Principal Uhrig
From the Principals Desk - Get Ready!
Posted on 07/16/2015
Get Ready! It's been a wonderful summer vacation this year! I've seen lots of kids at the pool, golf course, baseball fields, gymnastics, and at the park. Continue to enjoy, the school year is rapidly approaching.  READ MORE...