Progress Attributed to MLO Funding

Progress Attributed to MLO Funding
Posted on 02/07/2019
Dr. Wilson

Letter to the Editor,

Dear Brush Community,

Synergy in Brush is alive and well!  All one has to do is look around and she will notice that this community is NOT stagnant.  The East Morgan County Hospital continues to develop its facilities and offerings; Eben Ezer is changing by the day as it grows and develops; East Morgan County Library provides new and dynamic offerings with each changing season; the Chamber of Commerce is active and partnering with others to assist with commerce (as well as keeping the SANDS open and improving); and the City and County’s efforts to improve our community are evident in business development and progress in the Recreation Master Plan – and much, much, more!

As a school district, we too, are on the move.  It has been nearly 2 ½ years since we came before you attempting to “Keep the Beet Alive” with both a bond and MLO (mill levy override) request.  We sought your trust to provide our students a better education through increased local support and funding. State cuts to funding had ravaged our district and created a plethora of gaps, shortages, and circumstances that had reached a critical stage for our students and their future.  You responded by passing both initiatives and giving us, as a school district, the opportunity to demonstrate that your faith in us – and our students – was warranted. I would like to take a moment of your time to provide you an update of how that support has been leveraged, as well as the progress that has been achieved.

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